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Why our polarised clip on sunglasses are the best for cutting out glare

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Polarised clip on sunglasses from Eyewear Accessories are a really effective way to cut down glare.

Our quality polarised clip on sunglasses meet or exceed all international standards of optical clarity, durability, and safety. Our lenses are designed to ensure that the polarised horizontal axis is never compromised for maximum visual comfort.

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Not all polarised lenses are the same

What many people don't realise is that when a product is advertised as having polarised lenses, it may not cut glare particularly well if it is low cost product.

When looking for polarised clip on sunglasses, you should therefore avoid products that are low priced. Why? Because they are normally cheap imports from the Far East and the polarisation is likely to be ineffective at blocking glare.

Getting top quality polarised lenses from Eyewear Accessories, whether you buy rimless, spring-fit, or flip up sunglasses is the only way to ensure that you will be protected from glare all year, enabling you for example to drive more safely on sunny days.

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