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Why 7eye AirShield outperform standard ski sunglasses

Ski sunglasses offer a less cumbersome alternative to wearing full face goggles, but most brands simply do not protect your eyes adequately from the wind and many also give inadequate protection from peripheral glare from the sun.

In contrast, many of our customers have found that 7eye AirShield sunglasses offer superior levels of wind and sun protection compared with the standard designs of ski sunglasses. Here we explain why.

ski sunglasses with AirShield wind protection

AirShield gives you much better wind protection

Browse through stores selling ski sunglasses online and you will find a mind-boggling range of competing brands at different price levels. Many of these sunglasses have wraparound lenses, and a significant proportion have a flat profile, often imitating classic fashion styles like the RayBan Wayfarer or Aviator.

While many of these styles of sunglasses may look fashionable, few offer genuinely effective protection from the wind when you are skiing or snowboarding.

The wind still penetrates around the sides, at the top and the bottom of the lenses and tends to buffet around your eyes. This buffeting air movement irritates your eyes, causing them to produce excessive tears. On cold, windy days, your eyes get blasted by head and side winds, even when you are stationary.

In contrast, the 7eye AirShield range of close fitting, wraparound sunglasses has well padded, removable gaskets (termed "eye cups") that insulate your eyes from being blasted by the wind. The AirShield rests gently around your eye sockets, closing off gaps where wind penetrates.

When you wear 7eye AirShield sunglasses, you can enjoy a day's skiing without suffering from watery eyes or having sore, tired eyes by the end of the day.

In particular, 7eye AirShields are ideal if you wear contact lenses or are prone to suffering from dry eyes, because the eye cup significantly reduces the rate of evaporation of tears.

ski sunglasses

7eye AirShield sunglasses are light, and feel extremely comfortable and secure to wear. The gasket is detachable, allowing more flexibility when it’s hot and you don't need the full protection.

7eye ski sunglasses with Airshield wind protection

AirShield gives you better sun protection

If you are wearing fashion sunglasses for skiing or snowboarding on a bright day, you will suffer significantly from peripheral glare - from the overhead sun and from glare reflected off the snow. Wear fashion sunglasses for a whole day's skiing and you are likely to suffer from eye strain and headaches. The sensitive skin around your eyes will also probably get sunburned.

Even standard wraparound sunglasses leave gaps around the lenses so you will still experience peripheral glare.

In contrast, the padded eye cup on AirShield sunglasses keeps out nearly all of the peripheral glare, making your eyes more comfortable and significantly enhancing your vision when you are skiing.

AirShield keeps out peripheral glare

The lenses in all 7eye AirShield sunglasses are designed to keep out 100% of UV light, so you can feel confident that your eyes are getting the very best protection.

How to decide which product is suitable for your intended use

Our range of sunglasses/goggles vary in size, closeness of fit and peripheral vision and you must decide whether they are suitable for your intended use. For example:

  • Ensure that the gasket fits well all around the periphery of your eye sockets to maximise wind protection
  • Ensure that you have good all round vision with the goggles, making them safe for manouvring*

* Customers have rated goggles with wraparound lenses such as the 7eye Panhead and Cape best for peripheral vision.

See 7eye AirShield range

Summary of key features of all AirShield sunglasses

  • AirShield rests gently around the eye sockets to give maximum protection from the wind
  • Can be worn as normal wraparound sunglasses when you don't require the extra protection
  • Optical quality impact resistant anti-fog coated lenses
  • Lenses are rated to UV 400, providing 100% UV protection
  • AirShield keeps out much more of the peripheral glare than standard wraparound sunglasses
  • Range of lens colours designed to enhance your vision in different light conditions:
    • For winter skiing in variable conditions, choose either Polar Copper or 24:7 contrast lenses
    • For skiing in very bright conditions, choose are either Polar Grey or 24:7 eclypse

  • Slimline ear rests designed to fit under ski helmets
  • Lightweight, close fitting wraparound frames made from high quality, strong Grilamid TR-90
  • Range of frame sizes and shapes to fit men and women

Latest feedback on AirShield sunglasses

"I skied over Christmas wearing the 7eye AirShield sunglasses with bronze polar lenses. They provided excellent visibility for the mountain terrain in most varied conditions. 
With the eyecup inserts, they are a 'lite' version of ski goggles, providing good protection from wind and cold at high altitude. When it is hot, it is easy to remove the inserts, converting them into normal sunglasses.
I wore them instead of goggles except in deep cloud and white-out. They provided good visibility even in flat light though in these circumstances not a complete replacement for ski goggles.
Unlike some other sunglasses I have tried, they didn't mist up, even when skiing fast!
I am very pleased with them. They will be useful for a range of sports activities all year round."

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