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Walking along the seafront on a windy day never felt as comfortable as this!

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On Saturday we enjoyed a walk across the sea front from Dawlish Warren to Dawlish. As anyone who is familiar with this stretch of the Devon coastline knows, it is vulnerable to strong winds and high seas - famously during the Great Storm of 2014.

June 27 was no exception! There was a strong, gusty wind from the south west and the waves were crashing high on the sea wall. Exciting conditions but hardly ideal for a gently seaside stroll.

Wearing windproof sunglasses on a seaside walk

Or so you would have thought!

I enjoyed the conditions, but then I had one big advantage over other walkers and that was wearing my Ziena Kai sunglasses.

The Ziena eye cup insulated my eyes completely

The Ziena silicone eye cup that's fitted discreetly to the back of the glasses insulated my eyes from the wind completely for the entire walk.

Ziena Kai showing the eye cup

It was such a joy to get back in the car at the end of the walk and not have eyes that felt blasted by the wind. In fact, my eyes felt more moisturised (due to the moisture chamber effect) than they were when we set out which is a terrific result.

These glasses are a MUST for sensitive eyes

These glasses are a must for anyone who suffers from eyes that are sensitive to the wind, to bright sunshine, pollen, to dust or blown sand. That's exactly what many of our customers say in emails and product reviews.

My Ziena Kai glasses have light-reactive prescription lenses, making them incredibly versatile. I wear them as sunglasses when I go walking and when I am at home or in the office, the lenses are clear and I can read, watch the TV, or use my computer without these activities aggravating my dry eye condition.

John wearing his Ziena Kai with clear lenses

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