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Want to get 7eye Cape glasses but your prescription is out of range?

7eye Cape prescription lenses 7eye glasses with prescription adapters high prescription lenses into 7eye AirShield RX adapters for 7eye

You may have seen online the 7eye AirShield range that offers best in class protection from wind, dust, and pollen, but so far have been unable to get a pair because your prescription is above the maximum limits.

7eye have introduced a high prescription adapter ring that fits in the aperture of the Cape lenses. It replaces the wraparound lens with a lens mount that is flat, enabling higher prescription lenses to be fitted without distortion.

Values of up to Sphere + 4.0 to - 7.0 and Cylinder + or - 2.0 can be accommodated.

7eye Cape with adapters for high prescriptions

Costing £10 per set more than the basic Cape with clear non-prescription lenses, you can buy the Cape frame with the adapter rings which will then be fitted with your prescription lenses by your optician or optical reglazing company.

Please note that because of the flat profile of the lens adapters, there is some loss of peripheral vision compared to the standard Cape frame. This means that the glasses would not be suitable for activities where a high level of peripheral vision is essential such as driving, biking, flying or operating machinery.

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