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We're in for a windy weekend. The answer - Go Windless!

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Sometimes it feels as if 2020 has been the year of the wind.

Here we are in summer and the strong winds and showers make it feel like March or October.

wearing windproof sunglasses on an exposed seafront

If you're keen on the outdoors and the weather forecast makes your spirits sink, think again! Enjoying the outdoors in all weathers is mainly about wearing good quality protective clothing designed to keep out the elements while remaining comfortable and non-constricting.

windproof sunglasses

But while shops that sell all-weather clothing handle protection of most of your body pretty well, they usually fail to protect adequately your eyes and the sensitive skin that surrounds them.

Having your eye area exposed actually makes an enormous difference to how you experience the weather - whether being out in the wind and rain is enjoyable or depressing.

Wear our "windless" glasses and you'll feel 100% protected from the elements

By wearing 7eye or Ziena "windless" sealed glasses you can at last feel 100% comfortable, whatever the weather throws at you.

windproof gasket on 7eye AirShield sunglasses

Our glasses have a comfortable protective gasket that rests around your eye sockets insulating you from wind, rain, snow, dust, and pollen.

If you have sensitive eyes, they can make a big difference to your quality of life throughout the year because they are so versatile.

Wear them:

  • for protection from the wind, dust, and pollen
  • to stop the sun's glare from penetrating your eyes from any direction
  • indoors for relief of dry eye and associated conditions.

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