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No wind. No blown sand. No pollen. Happy eyes!

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Yesterday we went to Dawlish Warren nature reserve for a walk along the sea shore. Though it was sunny, there was a strong and gusty wind which was making the sand blow about. There was also a high pollen count.

All the conditions a dry eye sufferer who is also allergic to pollen might dread.

Ziena Kai glasses are perfect for blocking wind and sand on the beach

But no problem, I put on my Ziena Kai at the start of the walk and I was the only one in our party to experience no buffeting of the wind around the eyes, no sand in the eyes, and no itchy eyes from hay fever.

Three reasons to make the Ziena Kai the perfect beach accessory!

Order your Kai sunglasses today from Eyewear Accessories and protect your eyes from all the hazards that being outdoors in the summer can bring. We have the Ziena glasses in stock with a range of lens colours - clear, polarised grey, light-reactive grey, and extra dark grey and a choice of gloss black or tortoiseshell frames. Something for everyone then!

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