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More praise for the Ziena Kai

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Since the Ziena Kai was launched a couple of years ago, we have received many emails from customers saying how much it has helped to improve their dry eye condition.

 Ziena Kai glasses for dry eyes

We were delighted to receive the latest customer feedback which was emailed to us this morning and we would like to share it with you:

"I just wanted to email to say how delighted I am with my Ziena Kai glasses. The fit is superb and protects my dry eyes from the wind. The glasses stop my eyes drying out,...

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Putting on the central heating was the last straw for my dry eye condition

Can central heating cause dry eyes central heating and dry eyes dry eyes central heating glasses to help dry eyes glasses to stop dry eyes What causes dry eyes all of a sudden? Ziena glasses Ziena moisture chamber glasses

It's reached that time of year when turning on the central heating becomes a necessity for all but the most hardy people.

Most people I know who suffer from dry eyes, myself included, try to postpone this moment as long as possible and put on warmer clothing instead because of the dramatic effect that heating has on their eye symptoms.

For us, it's a cold and windy day in late October and we've finally succumbed and turned up the radiator thermostats. 

effect of central heating on dry eyes

Within a short time I could feel my...

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Wearing my Ziena glasses has been a life saver, enabling me to continue at work

dry eyes computer dry eyes computer glasses dry eyes computer use dry eyes computer ziena kai Eyewear Accessories Devon Eyewear Accessories Ltd ziena computer glassses ziena glasses Ziena Kai Ziena Kai glasses

Hello, this is a photo me, John Waddington, one of the directors at Eyewear Accessories, in my everyday work environment.

Like most business people, I need to spend a considerable amount of the day sitting in front of a computer screen.

wearing Ziena glasses for computer-related dry eyes

Unfortunately I suffer from dry eye syndrome which gets more acute when I am using the computer. I have noticed that I have a habit of staring fixatedly at the screen and hardly blinking at all so...

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Walking along the seafront on a windy day never felt as comfortable as this!

best sunglasses for beach wear best sunglasses for sensitive eyes Dawlish great storm 2014 dry eye sunglasses glasses to help dry eyes moisture chamber sunglasses sunglasses for dry eyes sunglasses to keep out the wind windproof sunglasses Ziena Eyewear Ziena glasses ziena kai

On Saturday we enjoyed a walk across the sea front from Dawlish Warren to Dawlish. As anyone who is familiar with this stretch of the Devon coastline knows, it is vulnerable to strong winds and high seas - famously during the Great Storm of 2014.

June 27 was no exception! There was a strong, gusty wind from the south west and the waves were crashing high on the sea wall. Exciting conditions but hardly ideal for a gently seaside stroll.

Wearing windproof sunglasses on...</p>

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Ziena glasses with BlueByrd lenses - are these the ultimate computer glasses?

best blue blocker lenses best blue light blocking computer glasses best blue light blocking glasses best blue light blocking glasses uk best computer glasses best computer glasses blue light blocking blue blocker lenses BlueByrd lenses computer glasses that filter out blue light glasses with blue light blocking lenses Ziena glasses Ziena glasses with BlueByrd lenses

Ziena glasses with BlueByrd lenses are the only computer glasses that keep your eyes moisturised while at the same time cutting the harsh glare from the screens of digital devices including PCs, tablets and mobiles.

silicone eye cup on Ziena Verona

The benefits of wearing Ziena glasses when you are working at a computer can include greater productivity, improved mood, comfort, and eye health.

John wearing his Ziena Kai glasses for computer use

Will I benefit by wearing Ziena glasses?

Ziena glasses with Blue Byrd lenses can provide more comfortable vision if you:

  • Work...

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