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Walking along the seafront on a windy day never felt as comfortable as this!

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On Saturday we enjoyed a walk across the sea front from Dawlish Warren to Dawlish. As anyone who is familiar with this stretch of the Devon coastline knows, it is vulnerable to strong winds and high seas - famously during the Great Storm of 2014.

June 27 was no exception! There was a strong, gusty wind from the south west and the waves were crashing high on the sea wall. Exciting conditions but hardly ideal for a gently seaside stroll.

Wearing windproof sunglasses on...</p>

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Why 7eye AirShield sunglasses are a 'must have' accessory to take on holiday

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Whether you are going on a beach holiday, a cruise, safari, or a walking holiday the chances are that your normal sunglasses are not going to give you the protection you need.

Take a closer look at 7eye AirShield sunglasses and find out why they are the must have accessory to take with you on your holiday.

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Suffering from itchy eyes due to pollen? Great value protection from Body Specs sunglasses

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Suffering from itchy eyes due to pollen but looking for hay fever sunglasses on a limited budget?

Try these new wraparound sunglasses with protective gaskets from Body Specs. They offer great value plus delivery and can help reduce itchy eyes associated with allergy to pollen and dust, and can help dry eye sufferers by reducing tear evaporation.

hay fever sunglasses

protective gasket blocks pollen

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How to enjoy being out in the sun without getting dry eyes

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If dry eyes are reducing your enjoyment of summery days, you can help to relieve the problem by wearing Moisture Chamber Sunglasses.

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