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Why are flip up sunglasses so popular nowadays? We uncover the reasons why.

Flip up sunglasses are increasingly popular, so what is driving this popularity? Here we uncover the reasons behind this trend. 

Comparatively low cost but great quality

An increasing number of people are turning their back on prescription sunglasses due to the cost. This is particularly true with the increase in usage of expensive varifocal lenses.

It is also the case that some flip up sunglasses have improved significantly in quality in recent years. While it is still possible to buy cheap Chinese imports for under £10.00, spend a bit more and get a quality product that will cut glare really well and last you several seasons.

The flip up sunglasses sold by Eyewear Accessories combine great quality with affordability. For only £19.99 you get high quality polarising lenses that are distortion free and provide 100% UV protection.

The clip on / flip up mechanism is discreet and is made with metal parts for longevity. The sunglasses have a frame bar that rests along the top of your spectacle frame and helps to keep the clip on lenses in position.

flip up sunglasses

Ease of fitting

Compared to spring-fit types of clip on sunglasses, which have attachments around the rims of your glasses, fitting flip up sunglasses is much less critical as regards matching the exact lens size and shape. 


Weighing in at just 8 grams, our flip up sunglasses are very light and easy to carry around, and when fitted to your glasses, the addition in weight is negligible.

Carrying a pair of flip up sunglasses around in your pocket is far more compact, lightweight, and convenient than carrying around a separate pair of prescription sunglasses.

Wear them over light-reactive lenses for driving

Many of our customers have gone for prescription glasses with light reactive (Transitions) lenses only to find that these lenses don't get darker when inside a car. By wearing our flip up sunglasses over their specs, they can overcome this problem and get the glare protection they require.


The flip up mechanism is of course the key feature in the versatility of this product. It has many uses in daily life, and this makes clip on flip up sunglasses an attractive proposition.

Increased use of mobile and other LCD screens

Most phones and many displays in cars, planes, and yachts have a polarising filter that helps to cut glare and reflections with the objective of making it easier to see in bright sunlight.

If, however, you are wearing sunglasses with polarised lenses, it can be virtually impossible to see the information on your screen on your mobile phone, tablet, or sat nav. If you have polarised prescription sunglasses you would have to take them off in order to read the screen.

There's a simple solution to this! Wear flip up polarised sunglasses and you can simply flip up the lenses to read the screen, then flip them down again when you have finished.

Flip up your sunglasses when you need to read your mobile screen

If you need to refer to an LCD screen at very regular intervals (for example a pilot or navigator) then you can choose non-polarised lenses, which give no distortion when you are looking at the screen.

Driving and flying

The flip up mechanism has many other applications. Why most people buy them is that they are simply the safest and convenient form of glare protection when driving a car or flying a plane or glider.

You can wear the lenses flipped down when you are driving or flying in full sun conditions or when there is a lot of reflected glare from clouds or roads.

flip up sunglasses help to diffuse glare from low angle sun

When you enter a shaded area, such as a forest or a tunnel, or if the sun goes behind a cloud, you can easily nudge your sunglasses to flip up the lenses so you can continue to have clear vision.

Driving with flipped up lenses


When fishing in full sun, flip down the polarised lenses to see into the water more clearly. When the sun goes in, simply flip the lenses up again.

Golf and tennis

There is nothing more frustrating when you are about to play a golf shot or serve in tennis and your eyes are blinded by full sun. Just flip down the polarised lenses before teeing off, taking that difficult stroke out of the bunker, or serving into sun, and immediately the glare is eliminated.

Decorating and DIY

Flip up sunglasses come into their own if you are doing some exterior decorating in full sun conditions. You can flip the lenses down whenever you are dazzled by the sun and flip them up again when you are in shade.

The same benefit applies to all aspects of exterior maintenance, from gardening to painting the shed.

flip up sunglasses protect your spectacles when decorating

A side benefit is that the flip up lenses protect your expensive spectacle lenses from paint splashes or dirt. They are not intended to be safety wear, but wearing them over your spectacle lenses will at least protect your prescription lenses from minor scratches.


Like car drivers, cyclists need to be able to see clearly both in full sun and in cloud. The flip up lenses are perfect for variable conditions such as sunny intervals. They will also protect your prescription lenses from minor scratches, for example from tree branches.

Wearing flip up sunglasses for cycling

Wear different flip up lenses optimised for different conditions

Another great benefit of the flip up sunglasses sold by Eyewear Accessories is that they are available in a choice of lens colours. Choose between Grey, Brown, Copper, or Yellow. All the lenses are polarised but they transmit different amounts of light, making them useful for specific weather conditions throughout the year.

Wear Grey or Brown lenses in conditions of full sun. The lenses are in filter category 3, offering maximum glare protection. In the Autumn, wear Copper lenses when the sun is less bright. In misty, low light in the Winter, wear the Yellow lenses.

You can have a complete set of clip-ons for all seasons for much less than you would pay for a single pair of prescription polarised sunglasses.

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