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Want to stop your eyes watering when you go outside? The answer is simple.

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Do you find that your eyes water constantly when you go outside in the winter months? It's a frustrating problem, particularly if you're doing an activity in which clear vision is required all the time, such as golf or cycling.

Our insulated glasses stop watery eyes fast

Most people find that wearing 7eye insulated wraparound glasses / sunglasses stops or significantly reduces their watery eye problem fast and also makes their eyes less sore.**

It's a simple and proven solution - one that does not require invasive treatment or regular application of eye drops.

These insulated glasses have a discreet, comfortable eye cup that 7eye call an AirShield. This is clipped behind the rims of the wraparound glasses. It is removable for when you don't need the extra protection, or if you want to clean the lenses.

7eye glasses with insulated eye cups

The AirShield rests lightly on your eye sockets, insulating your eyes from the effect of cold air and from being buffeted by the wind. 7eye AirShield glasses also provide relief for dry eye sufferers in air conditioned environments such as in a plane or a supermarket.

Woman wearing insulated sunglasses

** This assumes that your watering eye problem is caused by exposure to the cold air when you go outdoors rather than due to blocked tear ducts or a cold (in which case your eyes would water constantly indoors as well as outdoors). If you have blocked tear ducts, you should contact your eye specialist for advice and treatment.

Find out more about 7eye AirShield glasses

AirShield eye cup on 7eye glasses

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