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Do your existing sunglasses give you a headache?

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There are several reasons why you might get a headache with your existing sunglasses.

headache caused by wearing unsuitable eyewear

This article discussed some common causes. Depending on their nature, it may be possible for you to resolve them quickly and cost-effectively, while others may require professional help by your optometrist.

Headache due to the lenses of your sunglasses

Lenses not dark enough

The darkness of the lenses may not be suited to you.

For example, if your eyes are photosensitive, ie: you find the glare from the sun almost intolerable, your existing sunglasses may not be dark enough. Take a look...

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Ventus Tortoiseshell is here!

7eye Ventus 7eye Ventus tortoiseshell 7eye Ventus UK

The latest product release in 7eye's AirShield range is the Ventus Tortoiseshell.

7eye Ventus Tortoiseshell

These stylish moisture chamber / windproof sunglasses have exactly the same specification as the equivalent version in gloss black but instead have a stylish dark tortoiseshell frame colour.

  • Designed to suit adults with small to medium fit.
  • Comfortable AirShield gasket provides protection from the wind, dust and pollen, and acts as a moisture chamber to reduce tear evaporation, making it ideal for dry eye sufferers.

Available exclusively now from Eyewear Accessories in the UK, the Ventus Tortoiseshell costs from £84.99 plus £4.99 delivery...

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