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Our dry eye blog — Ziena Marina

Wearing my Ziena Marina has helped me cope better with dry eyes

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My name is Stephen and I have been a customer of Eyewear Accessories for about a month.

I am a regular cyclist, jogger and fell walker. I also enjoy photography and mathematics and spend quite some time on the computer on these hobbies well as on work for several research committees which I serve on.

Dry eyes have been really affecting my quality of life

I have dry eye syndrome from MGD, meaning that my eyes water...

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My eyes feel great when I'm wearing my Ziena Marina glasses!

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Today I started wearing my new Ziena Marina glasses. I have been suffering particularly badly with dry eyes over the last few weeks - not sure why - so it's quite a result that the Marina glasses are already soothing my eyes when I'm using my PC.

 Ziena Marina computer glasses with blue light blocking lenses


Recently I have been putting in eye drops roughly every half hour but...

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Do your existing sunglasses give you a headache?

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There are several reasons why you might get a headache with your existing sunglasses.

headache caused by wearing unsuitable eyewear

By ascertaining whether it is the lens or frame design on your current sunglasses that is causing discomfort, you can decide which of our types of specialised sunglasses and glasses can help to relieve the pain that you are experiencing.

Headache due to the lenses of your sunglasses

You may be getting a headache because the colour and darkness of the lenses is not suited to you.

For example, if your eyes are photosensitive, ie: you find the glare...

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