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Wearing my Ziena glasses has been a life saver, enabling me to continue at work

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Hello, this is a photo me, John Waddington, one of the directors at Eyewear Accessories, in my everyday work environment.

Like most business people, I need to spend a considerable amount of the day sitting in front of a computer screen.

wearing Ziena glasses for computer-related dry eyes

Unfortunately I suffer from dry eye syndrome which gets more acute when I am using the computer. I have noticed that I have a habit of staring fixatedly at the screen and hardly blinking at all so my eyes do not get lubricated properly by tear moisture.

I would liken the sensation to a set of ball bearings that are moving stiffly with increased friction because they in serious need of oiling. I also find my vision goes misty as my tears become increasingly viscous.

My Ziena Kai glasses have been a "life saver"

Without my Ziena Kai glasses I would undoubtedly have to had to give up office work completely, and stop running Eyewear Accessories, which I don't want to do.

Having discovered Ziena glasses, my working life is much more comfortable and enjoyable because my dry eye symptoms are minimalised. I can now have a session in front of the computer and my eyes feel moisturised throughout, due to the moisture chamber effect.

In short, I can keep going. I can keep doing the job I love.

I urge anyone who is experiencing dry eye problems due to computer use to try Ziena glasses. With our simple ordering process, prompt dispatch, and free returns, trying them is easy, affordable, and the results can be life changing, as you can see by reading feedback from our existing customers.

The fit is everything

With moisture chamber glasses, the fit is everything.

If the silicone eye cup fits your facial structure well, the glasses will be really effective at reducing your dry eye discomfort. If it fits poorly, leaving gaps around your eye sockets, you will experience only minimal benefit. In this case, it's advisable to try a different model in the Ziena range.

In these close up photos you can see that the Ziena Kai eye cup is a close fit on me, which is why the glasses have such as pronounced beneficial effect.

close up of moisture chamber eye cups on Ziena glasses
Close up of how Ziena eye cup fits around the eye sockets

So it's important to order the right sized product for your face, but there's plenty of advice on our website to help you in this, or you can contact us for advice. Often it's best to order two different Ziena models with a view to returning whichever doesn't fit.

Once you have found a model that fits your facial structure well, you will notice a pronounced moisture chamber effect which, for someone who has suffered from dry eyes for any length of time will find a blissful experience.

Important notes

While wearing moisture chamber glasses can be a great help in reducing dry eye associated with computer use, you should always:

  • take regular screen breaks

  • focus on a distant object for 20 seconds every 20 minutes to give your eyes a rest

  • get advice from a suitably trained eye specialist if you continue to experience dry eye symptoms

  • consider measures to improve your office environment such as adjusting screen height and angle and installing a humidifier.

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