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Putting on the central heating was the last straw for my dry eye condition

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It's reached that time of year when turning on the central heating becomes a necessity for all but the most hardy people.

Most people I know who suffer from dry eyes, myself included, try to postpone this moment as long as possible and put on warmer clothing instead because of the dramatic effect that heating has on their eye symptoms.

For us, it's a cold and windy day in late October and we've finally succumbed and turned up the radiator thermostats. 

effect of central heating on dry eyes

Within a short time I could feel my eyes drying out

Within a short time of putting the heating on, I could feel my eyes drying out. They started going misty and it felt as though there was grit in them.

If you follow my blog, you will know that I have been wearing my Ziena moisture chamber glasses increasingly this year. I find them essential when I am using my computer (which I am doing more since lockdown) and when cycling on windy days.

My Zienas have been a game changer for me

Today I've moved to wearing my Zienas all the time that I'm awake.

The difference in my dry eye condition has been dramatic. As long as I wear the glasses, I can still have moisturised eyes even when the heating is on - even into the evening. These glasses really have definitely been a game changer for me.

I am lucky because I work from my home office

I realise that I am  relatively fortunate because I work from home and to some extent can control the dryness of my environment.

If you travel to work in an office, school, restaurant or other public place, or if you use public transport, you don't have control over the heating level or the air conditioning. The air becomes increasingly dry as a combination of heating and aircon reduce humidity levels over the winter season.

If you have Ziena glasses, you can get control back. Wear them whenever the environment is too dry and you'll notice that it really helps you get through the day without the distraction of dry eyes.

moisture chamber glasses

Find out more about moisture chamber glasses

To find out how moisture chamber glasses work, the evidence that they reduce dry eye symptoms, and whether they could help you, click here

To see an overview of the Ziena range, click here.

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