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7eye's new Contrast Photochromic lenses - a versatile option for sport and leisure

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7eye have introduced a new lens for their AirShield range of glasses that promises great versatility for users. It is called Contrast Photochromic and has numerous applications.

Light enhancing in conditions of poor visibility

When you get your 7eye glasses out of the case, the Contrast lenses are a pale yellow colour. They remain this colour while you are indoors, travelling in a car, or when you're outdoors in poor light.

7eye Notus with pale yellow lenses

They are what is called 'light enhancing' lenses because when it's misty or gloomy they filter out blue light which is the main component of haze. Your perception of contrast and distance is enhanced while wearing Contrast lenses in these conditions.

Safer cycling

This lens is ideally suited to cyclists because it improves vision of the road ahead in poor light conditions and then when the sun comes out it provides effective glare and UV protection.

Useful, for example, for that early morning commute as well as cycling in bright weather.

A clearer view of the golf course

If you are playing a round of golf in gloomy or misty conditions, you will benefit by a crisper view of the ball against the background of the course when looking through the pale yellow lenses. When the sun comes out again, you'll get the benefit of glare protection as the lenses turn dark grey.

Reduce headlight glare when driving at night

One of the most uncomfortable things about driving at night is being blinded by the glare from oncoming car and lorry headlights.

If you wear 7eye AirShield sunglasses fitted with Contrast Photochromic lenses, the yellow tint can help to diffuse the headlight glare, making your journey safer and more comfortable.

Photochromic contrast lens performance

Best night driving goggles

Our advice is to use either the 7eye Panhead or 7eye Notus as night driving goggles because they offer the best peripheral vision. Always test your new 7eye goggles in safe conditions before attempting to drive whilst wearing them.

Great for use as sunglasses

When it is bright and/or sunny and the lenses are exposed to the light outdoors, they will darken automatically to grey, providing the perfect sunglasses for leisure or sport.

7eye Notus with dark grey lenses

Watch our video on the Contrast lenses

How do I get these lenses?

These lenses are available now exclusively from Eyewear Accesories Ltd.

We are currently offering Contrast Photochromic lenses as an option in the following 7eye AirShield frames:

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