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Suffering from peripheral glare when driving? Our polarised fitovers are made for this.

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Peripheral glare is one of the most distracting and potentially dangerous risks that drivers experience, particularly at times of the year when the sun is at a low angle.

Peripheral glare can be a driving hazard

Fitover sunglasses protect you from all sides

Eyewear Accessories recommends polarised fitover sunglasses for safer driving in conditions where glare from the front and sides is experienced.

The brand that we sell is a quality product with optical quality polarised lenses that optimise the glare reduction and provide 100% UV protection.

Our fitovers have lens panels at both the front and side of the frame so that wherever the glare is coming from, your vision is protected.

An affordable option for driving

Fitovers are designed specifically around the needs of spectacle wearers  And at only £24.99 plus postage, they are good value for money, one of the most affordable ways to protect your eyes while driving.

We have different sizes and shapes to fit over most designs of spectacles and you can choose between polarised Grey or polarised Brown lenses.

Our fitovers come in a handy storage pouch, and we think that every driver should keep a pair in their glove compartment.

And of course you don't need to wear your fitover sunglasses purely for driving. They provide top notch glare protection from the sun whether you are walking, cycling, gardening or playing golf - in fact wherever the sun is dazzling you.

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