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Suffering from peripheral glare when driving? Our polarised fitovers are made for this.

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Peripheral glare is one of the most distracting and potentially dangerous risks that drivers experience, particularly at times of the year when the sun is at a low angle.

Peripheral glare can be a driving hazard

Fitover sunglasses protect you from all sides

Eyewear Accessories recommends polarised fitover sunglasses for safer driving in conditions where glare from the front and sides is experienced.

The brand that we sell is a quality product with optical quality polarised lenses that optimise the glare reduction and provide 100% UV protection.

Our fitovers have lens panels at both the front...

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Clip-on sunglasses, Overglasses, or sunglasses with AirShield - which would be best for me?

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Eyewear Accessories has a range of sunglasses that are suitable for individual requirements for glare protection throughout the year. Here we compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type of product.

Clip on sunglasses

Clip on sunglasses are tinted lenses joined by a nose bridge, that in some cases is spring-loaded. They attach onto your spectacles with either four lens edge clips or a central mount.

flip up sunglasses


  • Inexpensive way to turn your prescription glasses into sunglasses
  • Discreet clips ensure they look much like prescription sunglasses
  • Quick and easy to attach and remove
  • Very...

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Why buying a pair of over glasses won't do much to keep out the wind

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Over glasses are designed to protect your eyes against glare from the sun, both from the front and the sides. However, they are simply not designed for the purpose of keeping out the wind, dust, or pollen. For effective wind protection, glasses must have a gasket to help seal the gaps

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