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How 7eye AirShield glasses give four-in-one protection for sensitive eyes

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  • Do your eyes water when it's cold and windy? Or do they feel sore and dry after the wind has buffeted them?
  • Are your eyes very sensitive to bright sunlight?
  • Do you suffer from itchy eyes due to hay fever or an allergic reaction to dust?
  • Do your eyes feel sore, dry and gritty so that you have to keep putting in artificial tears to soothe them?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes, then you can benefit from 7eye AirShield's unrivalled four-in-one eye protection.

1. Protecting your eyes from the wind

7eye glasses have a removable soft gasket called an AirShield that creates a barrier around your eye sockets to keep out the wind.

Wearing these glasses when you are out in the wind will make your eyes and the sensitive skin around them feel much more comfortable.

wind protection glasses

If you suffer from watery eyes, then wearing these glasses will in most cases stop or alleviate excessive tearing. If your eyes feel sore and dry after exposure to the wind, they will feel much less sore and tired if you wear AirShield glasses.

Cyclist wearing 7eye glasses for wind protection

No wonder AirShield glasses are so popular with cyclists, golfers, sailors, and those who enjoy getting outdoors even in windy weather.

Find out more about how 7eye glasses protect your eyes from the wind.

2. Keeping out the sun's glare

If you suffer from dry eye syndrome your eyes will tend to be much more sensitive to the sun's glare on bright days, a condition called "Photophobia".

We offer polarised lenses and extra dark category 4 lenses in our 7eye AirShield range of sunglasses that are designed specifically for anyone with photophobia.

7eye AirShield blocks the sun's glare

In addition, the AirShield gasket is very effective at keeping peripheral glare out of your eyes so 7eye sunglasses work much better as a sun barrier than normal wraparound sunglasses.

Find out more about how 7eye are the best sunglasses for light sensitivity.

3. Acting as a barrier to dust and pollen

The AirShield gasket has small ventilation holes covered with a fine mesh that acts as a barrier to prevent pollen and dust from entering your eyes.

Close up of AirShield gasket

If you normally suffer from itchy, sore eyes due to hay fever, then wearing 7eye AirShield glasses will normally stop or alleviate the problem.

Find out more about the benefits of our hay fever glasses.

4. Relieving dry eye symptoms

The 7eye AirShield forms a separate moisture chamber around each eye that reduces the evaporation of your tear moisture, leaving your eyes feeling much more hydrated. It also blocks out the drying effect of air conditioning, blown air heating, and summer sun.

Wearing 7eye AirShield glasses when out walking

So, these are four good reasons why if you suffer from sensitive eyes, you will benefit from getting 7eye glasses or sunglasses with AirShield.

For many of our customers, 7eye glasses have been life changing, enabling them to rediscover outdoor pursuits that had become impossible due to their eye condition.

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