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Ziena Kai moisture chamber glasses have changed my life

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We have been delighted with the positive comments that keep on coming from people who have bought Ziena Kai moisture chamber glasses.

Ziena Kai glasses

Wearing these glasses has been literally life changing for many dry eye sufferers and we thought we would share with you some of the recent heartfelt emails that we have received.

Sent in by Sally

"I want to thank you so much for taking the time recently to discuss my problem and advise me on which glasses would be best for me.


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The extreme heat warning and what it means for your eyes

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Due to the heatwave in England, the Met Office has issued an extreme heat warning for the first time ever.

Exeter, where the Met Office is based and where I live and work, is today hotter than Delhi or Lagos. 

hot and sunny weather

Why do we seldom hear about the effect of extreme heat on our eyes? 

Plenty of common sense advice is broadcast in hot weather, such as drinking plenty of fluids and wearing cool and loose clothing. But very little is said about how extreme hot weather affects our eyes and...

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Watch our new video overview of Ziena glasses

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In this video, John explains how the Ziena range of moisture chamber glasses help to relieve dry eyes, itchy eyes due to airborne allergens, and watery eyes when you are outdoors in cold weather. He goes on to describe each of the models in the Ziena range, explaining their unique features.

If you are thinking of buying moisture chamber glasses, this video is an ideal starting point.

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How 2020 has affected our eyes and what you can do about it

7eye AirShield 7eye AirShield glasses 7eye AirShield sunglasses 7eye AirShield UK air shield sunglasses cycling glasses windproof Eyewear Accessories Eyewear Accessories Devon Eyewear Accessories Ltd Glasses to stop the wind golf sunglasses to stop the wind moisture chamber glasses windproof cycling glasses windproof glasses Ziena Eyewear Ziena Eyewear UK

Our response to the pandemic has had implications for our eyes, something that has been largely overlooked in the media. Until now.

In this video, John at Eyewear Accessories uncovers the causes and effects of behavioural changes in 2020 and reveals some startling statistics about our increasing reliance on screen-based activities.

Watch our video

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Take two simple ideas. Refine them and you have two effective ways to relieve dry eyes

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A simple idea to slow down tear evaporation

First, a simple way to slow down the evaporation of your tears so that your eyes stay more lubricated throughout the day.

As anyone who has worn swimming goggles, ski goggles, or dive masks will know, the more that the goggles enclose your eyes, the more the lenses will mist up.

How moisture chamber glasses evolved

Panoptx (later renamed 7eye) turned this tendency of protective eyewear to mist up into a positive by developing moisture chamber glasses.

Different models look either like wraparound sunglasses or like standard prescription glasses with the addition of a discreet gasket...

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