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Are there computer glasses available for dry eyes?

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Wearing moisture chamber glasses can help reduce the symptoms of dry eyes associated with computer use.

computer glasses for dry eyes

These special glasses have a protective eye cup that creates separate moisture chambers around your eyes. Wearing them can help to reduce the evaporation of tear moisture, so you can continue to work at your computer screen more comfortably.

Ziena Verona glasses

Why do I suffer from dry eyes when using the computer?

If you work with computers for any prolonged period of time, you are likely to have experienced sore, dry eyes, especially if you work in an office environment with air conditioning.

The trouble is that our eyes get fixated by the screen and our blink rate goes down. This means that not only is your tear moisture evaporating in the dry atmosphere, but the all important natural process of lubricating your eyes through blinking, is less effective.

As the day wears on, your eyes become increasingly dry, sore, and tired.

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