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Why are my eyes more itchy in the evening during the hay fever season?

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Most people with hay fever suffer most from itchy eyes in the mid-morning and early evening because that is when pollen levels are usually at their highest.

why are my eyes more itchy in the evening

Worse on warm, breezy days

Other factors that affect when and how much you suffer from pollen allergy include the temperature and wind speed. Most people suffer most acutely from itchy eyes during the grass pollen season, especially when the weather is warm and dry and there is a breeze causing the pollen to blow around.

Where you are affects your risk of experiencing hay fever

Your location also affects how much you are at risk from hay fever.

Pollen levels in the UK tend to be highest in inland lowland areas such as South East England, East Anglia, and the Midlands, with cities such as London, Birmingham, and Leeds being particular hot spots.

If you are in the cities, you may suffer more from itchy eyes due to a combination of pollen, dust mites, and pollution.

Your eyes dry out during the day making things worse

In the summer, your eyes tend to dry out over the course of the day too, with the cumulative effect of hot summer weather, air conditioning, and, if you are in an office, prolonged computer use. This means that it is normal for your eyes to get more irritated and sore as the day wears on.

Wear hayfever sunglasses or glasses to keep the pollen out

Wearing hay fever sunglasses / glasses on days when the pollen count is high can significantly reduce allergic eye irritation due to pollen and dust as well as helping to keep your eyes moisturised so they feel less dry and tired.

hay fever glasses prevent itchy eyes in the evening

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