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Our dry eye blog — hay fever itchy eyes

Suffering from dry, itchy eyes? Wear Ziena sunglasses to protect you every year

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Ziena sunglasses are recognised as the best make of allergy glasses to protect your eyes from itching due to hay fever. They were recommended by The Times Health Supplement in March 2019.

They are also the world's leading moisture chamber glasses for relieving dry eyes and when fitted with dark lenses they are equally at home protecting the wearer from intense glare from the sun.

> How do Ziena sunglasses work protect you from pollen?

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Love gardening but hate the itchy eyes? Try our pollen blocking glasses!

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I used to enjoy gardening in June. That's until I started suffering from hay fever.

When I was cutting the grass or putting the grass cuttings on the compost heap, my eyes got so itchy I had to stop and go inside.

Now I wear Ziena Kai sunglasses which have a protective gasket around the eyes that completely blocks pollen from entering my eyes.

soft silicone gasket on Ziena glasses blocks pollen

The result? Virtually instant relief from itchy and dry eyes. I can now enjoy gardening even on hot summer days when the pollen...

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Are you prepared for the 'Pollen Bomb'?

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A 'pollen bomb', that's what the media are calling it. The UK has the classic conditions for a spike in pollen levels this month: a very wet spell of weather followed suddenly by warm, sunny conditions causing plants to release large amounts of pollen.

pollen is released by grasses, trees and other plants in spring

Lockdown may increase the frequency and severity of allergic reactions

The pollen bomb is likely to cause hay fever misery for millions of people.

Medical experts have suggested that more people will suffer this year and that allergic reactions to pollen may be more severe.


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Sharp increase in demand for our protective eyewear during the Coronavirus lockdown

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There has been a sharp upsurge in demand for our protective eyewear during the Coronavirus lockdown. We look here at the possible reasons behind it.

We expect an increase at this time of year as more people get outdoors and require eye protection. However, since the start of the Coronavirus lockdown this has been more marked as more people than usual are getting out in their gardens or going for their daily approved exercise - whatever the weather.

And they are seeking to maximise their enjoyment of being outdoors, whether at home in the garden, or out and about in their...

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Want to stop having itchy eyes due to hay fever? Try these sunglasses with a protective gasket

hay fever itchy eyes hay fever sunglasses itchy eyes pollen

If you are a hay fever sufferer, you will know all about the problem of itchy eyes when pollen levels are high.

An effective way to reduce this problem is to get a pair of sunglasses which have a protective gasket to help block the pollen entering your eyes.

hay fever sunglasses

Eyewear Accessories are the UK's leading specialists in sunglasses for hay fever. They sell three ranges of sunglasses with protective gaskets at different price ranges.

These sunglasses are also effective for dry eye sufferers because the gasket helps to keep your eyes from drying out in...

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