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Are you prepared for the 'Pollen Bomb'?

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A 'pollen bomb', that's what the media are calling it. The UK has the classic conditions for a spike in pollen levels this month: a very wet spell of weather followed suddenly by warm, sunny conditions causing plants to release large amounts of pollen.

pollen is released by grasses, trees and other plants in spring

Lockdown may increase the frequency and severity of allergic reactions

The pollen bomb is likely to cause hay fever misery for millions of people.

Medical experts have suggested that more people will suffer this year and that allergic reactions to pollen may be more severe.

Why? Because the more our bodies are exposed to a specific allergen, the more our immunity levels to it are boosted. 

As many people have been less exposed to pollen over the course of the last year due to lockdown (less sitting out in parks and walking in the country, for example) we have not built up such high levels of immunity.

Doctors are warning that after a year of lockdown, hay fever sufferers may experience worse symptoms and more people who have never had hay fever before could start to notice signs.

Get suitable protective glasses to stop the itch

Now is the time to ensure that you are prepared. And there is no better preparation for stopping itchy eyes due to hay fever than wearing our sunglasses, glasses, and goggles with protective gaskets. Our glasses are the only are the only brands to have been recommended in the Times Health Supplement.

Only the leading brands give you the protection you need

Eyewear Accessories are the UK's leading specialists in eyewear for hay fever protection with a wide range of products ranging from under £50 to £140 including glasses suitable for men and women, children through to adults.

Ziena hay fever sunglasses

Our glasses don't just help with itchy eyes due to hay fever. They also provide relief for dry eyes and protection from wind and glare.

We only sell the top brands that actually work, such as Ziena Eyewear and 7eye AirShield.

Find out more about hay fever eye protection

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