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Our dry eye blog — stop itchy eyes

Stop the itch fast by wearing our hayfever sunglasses!

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The current run of warm, dry and sunny weather is being enjoyed by many.

But if you are one of the 20% of hay fever sufferers in the UK** you probably dread the arrival of Spring because it brings you a host of symptoms, including one that must surely be the most irritating...Yes, I'm talking about itchy eyes.

woman with itchy eyes

** NHS statistic

It's already been a bad year for hay fever. It's about to get a whole lot worse

The balmy weather in April and May brought higher birch and oak pollen...

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Sharp increase in demand for our protective eyewear during the Coronavirus lockdown

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There has been a sharp upsurge in demand for our protective eyewear during the Coronavirus lockdown. We look here at the possible reasons behind it.

We expect an increase at this time of year as more people get outdoors and require eye protection. However, since the start of the Coronavirus lockdown this has been more marked as more people than usual are getting out in their gardens or going for their daily approved exercise - whatever the weather.

And they are seeking to maximise their enjoyment of being outdoors, whether at home in the garden, or out and about in their...

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