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Wear contacts or have sensitive eyes? If you're flying off to the sun, you need protection from wind, sand, and dust

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If you're planning to fly off to an exotic location, packing a pair of 7eye AirShield protective sunglasses could make all the difference to enjoying your holiday.

These patented sunglasses have a discreet soft padded eye cup or AirShield that compresses gently around your eye sockets, helping to protect your eyes from wind, dust, and keeping your eyes moisturised.

Wear them in the plane and the air conditioning won't cause you to suffer such dry eyes because the eye cup slows down the evaporation of your tears.

Going somewhere windy and dusty? Wear these sunglasses on the beach, in the desert, on safari, and your eyes will be less dry and irritated.

If you wear contact lenses or you suffer from sensitive eyes, you'll know how difficult and painful it can be if they get irritated by sand, dust, or grit getting in. These protective sunglasses are for you!

Check out the 7eye AirShield range before you travel. They are stylish sunglasses and when you wear them with tinted lenses, the protective eye cup is barely visible.

Could make the difference between a great holiday and having to fly home early!

Here's what our customers say about our AirShield sunglasses

“These protective glasses were invaluable on my recent holiday to Fuerteventura. I had recently had a corneal operation and had been worried about the sand and dust from the dry winds getting into my eyes and making them inflamed. Wearing the 7eye sunglasses proved a lifeline - I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

“I returned two days ago after trekking in and out of the Grand Canyon. Extreme conditions, dry and windy, the 7eye glasses performed brilliantly. I also used them while fishing and again they worked well. Anyway, all in all a great concept. I am happy to recommend them to my 'dry eyed friends.”

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