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Who can benefit by wearing windproof glasses?

Watery eyes can be a frustrating problem for anyone who needs to be outside in cold, windy weather for any period of time, whether for sport, leisure, or work.

Watery eyes when cycling

The problem of watery eyes presents a safety hazard for cyclists because it obscures their vision of the road.

Whereas even top brands of wraparound cycling glasses tend to let in wind around the sides, windproof cycling glasses protect your eyes from being buffeted by the wind, reducing or even eliminating the problem of watery eyes.

Watery eyes when playing golf

Golfers find it frustrating when their eyes water excessively when they are looking down at the ball, making it very difficult to place an accurate shot.

Close up of customer wearing his 7eye Cape for golf

Wearing windproof golf sunglasses can significantly reduce or eliminate the problem of watery eyes. One of our customers summed up the effectiveness of these glasses for stopping his eyes from watering when playing golf:

“I played my first tear free round of golf in windy conditions. I've tried using my Oakleys before to prevent the wind affecting my eyes, but they didn't work. The glasses I bought from Eyewear Accessories worked a treat. Very comfortable to wear and enabled clear vision. The day started out bright then ended up overcast so I really got to test them out today. I played one of my best rounds of recent weeks too. Thank you very much, these are a game changer for me.”

Other sports that benefit from windproof eyewear 

Wearing windproof glasses and sunglasses can transform your experience of other sports too, particularly if the sport involves a high amount of windage because you are moving at speed. Examples are skiing, sailing or motorcycling.

Using windproof glasses in the work environment

Windproof glasses can prove invaluable for people working outdoors all year round, such as farmers and builders, who can also benefit from the way the glasses protect their eyes in dusty environments.

If you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses

Windproof glasses not only help to insulate your eyes and the sensitive area around your eye sockets from the wind but they also keep out dust and other allergens that can cause your eyes to be irritated.

This helps to maintain a clean, healthy environment for your eyes which results in less episodes of eye irritation and inflammation.

Windproof glasses and sunglasses are invaluable for contact lens wearers and people who suffer from dry eyes, or eye irritation due to dust and other allergies.