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Why 7eye AirShield glasses are so good for cycling

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I've just returned from a bike ride on a cold, wet, and windy day in April - in fact, thoroughly bleak and miserable weather.

Yes it was cold and windy, and yet my eyes felt really protected when I was on the bike because I was wearing my 7eye AirShield glasses. This has prompted me to share with you the reasons why I find them so good for cycling.

Effective wind blocking

First of all, AirShield glasses really do block the wind. And I mean head winds, side winds, and air that is buffeting around your face on a gusty day. 

As a result your eyes are less likely to become sore or water profusely and the sensitive skin around your eye sockets feels insulated and comfortable.

7eye Cape gloss black being worn as cycling glasses

Even on a day with only a moderate breeze, as a cyclist you are going to experience a noticeable step up in discomfort from the wind when you travelling forward.

Say you are going at 15 miles per hour and the wind speed is 20 miles per hour. If you are cycling into wind, your effective windage is then 35 miles per hour, so you actually experience a strong breeze, exacerbating the discomfort.

That's why wind blocking glasses are so important when you are cycling.

Effective pollen and dust filtering

Yes, the AirShield really does keep out the pollen and dust which can be such a problem when you are cycling because they are blown into your eyes from all directions. 

The glasses have screened vents in the AirShield gasket that allow a trickle of airflow to pass, which keeps your lenses free from fogging up, but they are too fine a mesh to permit dust and pollen to get through.

screened vents on AirShield

Result - no more itchy, sore, watery eyes from allergic reaction to dust or pollen. 

Improved protection from obstructions

Like all cycling glasses, 7eye AirShields perform a useful protective role by acting as a barrier to obstructions such as overhead branches, or brambles. Bearing in mind the velocity of the bike, if you hit one of these obstructions you suffer more pain than if you were walking along.

Cycling along the Exe trail

woman cyclist wearing 7eye AirShield Viento glasses

7eye AirShield glasses improve on the basic protection you get from wearing wraparound cycling glasses, because of the padded AirShield itself.

This rests comfortably around your eye sockets and if you suddenly hit an object, the padding helps to cushion your face from the full force of the impact.

Protection from peripheral glare

Compared to standard cycling glasses, 7eye AirShields are much more effective at keeping peripheral glare from the sun out of your eyes.

Again it is the AirShield itself, combined with the close fitting, wraparound shape of the glasses that keeps out that annoying stray peripheral glare.

7eye AirShield blocks peripheral glare

Can be worn without the AirShield

You don't need to buy any other cycling glasses, because the AirShield is easy to remove and so you can wear 7eye glasses just like any other wraparound eyewearwhen you don't need the added protection.

You can take the AirShield in your cycle bag and clip it in if the weather conditions deteriorate, or if you are experience high dust or pollen levels.

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