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Prepare yourself for hay fever to strike early this year

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The warm winter weather and the rise in temperatures in April is causing pollen forecasters to warn hayfever sufferers for a high pollen count over Easter this year.

Already the birch pollen, which is a trigger for around a quarter of hayfever sufferers, has been out in force. The current sunny but windy weather presents the ideal combination of conditions for pollen to spread.

The "pollen bomb" has been reported on in various news media, such as the article in Cosmopolitan magazine on 11 April.

There's no need to suffer from eyes that are itchy, sore and watery due to hay fever.

itchy eyes due to hayfever

Invest in a pair of decent hayfever sunglasses such as the 7eye AirShield range, and itchy eyes can be a thing of the past - not just this year but every year.

hayfever sunglasses

Our hayfever sunglasses were recommended in the Times Newspaper in March 2019 as being one of the top three ways to prepare yourself for the hay fever season.

Excellent protection from the wind and the sun's glare too

7eye AirShield sunglasses don't just protect from pollen, they are really effective at blocking the wind and the sun's glare too. So if you suffer from watery eyes when it's cold and windy, and your eyes are sensitive to bright sunshine, you could have a triple benefit by wearing our hayfever sunglasses.

pollen blocking sunglasses

Here is a typical comment from one of our customers who found relief from hay fever symptoms by wearing 7eye Airshield glasses:

“Just a note to say how delighted I am with the 7eye glasses. After 40 years of suffering hay fever affecting my eyes I can now enjoy the outdoors in summer and no longer suffer any eye inflammation thanks to these glasses.”

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