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Our dry eye blog — using eye drops with Eyeseals

How to use moisture chamber glasses with eye drops to relieve severely dry eyes

moisture chamber glasses eye drops using eye drops with Eyeseals

For most dry eye sufferers, wearing moisture chamber glasses will be sufficient to relieve dry eye symptoms and allow them to carry on a normal life.

wearing moisture chamber glasses on a ramble in Devon

But if your dry eye symptoms are severe due to adverse environmental or lifestyle conditions, you may need to seek additional forms of self help relief.

My dry eye condition is worse than it has ever been before

I am writing this blog post in the midst of a heatwave. Not only are temperatures at record levels but also the air in...

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I have been able to reduce my eye-drop frequency by more than 50% by wearing moisture chamber glasses

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By using moisture chamber goggles I have been able to reduce my eye-drop frequency with more than 50%.

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