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Windproof goggles and glasses for e-bike users

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Nearly 40% of e-bike riders in the UK are aged 60 or over. Significantly this coincides exactly with the age group most likely to suffer from watery eyes when outdoors in the wind.

Windproof goggles for e-biking

At Eyewear Accessories, we talk regularly to people who ride electric bikes who experience watery eyes while outdoors, particularly in Autumn and Winter.

What e-bikers are telling us

There is a consistent theme in what e-bikers are telling us:

  • watery eyes affect them particularly while cycling due to the headwind
  • their eyes are not just watery but sore
  • watery eyes get worse the colder and windier it is outdoors
  • glasses they have purchased before, even top brands like Oakley, do not effectively keep the wind from blasting their eyes, so they don't reduce their watery eye problem
  • they find it highly inconvenient to keep stopping whilst they dry their eyes
  • cycling with blurry, teary vision presents a serious safety hazard
  • they have an urgent need for effective protective windproof cycling goggles that can really stop their eyes watering, particularly when it's cold

You can be pretty sure that shops selling e-bikes will stock fashionable eyewear brands such as Oakley, Adidas, and Bolle, but nothing specialist for preventing watery eyes.

They will have a variety of windproof bike tops, gloves and trousers. But they have probably not even heard of the 7eye AirShield brand of glasses and goggles.

7eye AirShield wraparound glasses

winter cycling goggles

7eye Airshield is a range of wraparound glasses with a protective gasket to keep out the wind. Many e-bike users have praised them because they are so effective at stopping their eyes watering excessively.

Made by the US company Panoptx, 7eye AirShield glasses are a quality product. Priced from £84.99 to £135.99 they are a fair bit cheaper than other top sports eyewear brands such as Oakley and Adidas.

7eye Notus

100% brand off-road goggles

We also offer the e-biker a larger goggle (made by the 100% brand) that protects more of your face and provides excellent peripheral vision.

100% prescription mtb goggles

It can be fitted with prescription insert lenses that open it up to anyone who needs to wear lenses when riding.

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Improving the quality of life for eye sufferers

Since 2009, Eyewear Accessories has been helping people in the UK and across the world find protective glasses and goggles for people with dry eye disease, blepharitis, and other eye problems.

Wearing our products has often dramatically improved their quality of life and in many cases allowed them to resume sports and leisure activities that dry eye syndrome prevented.

Here is what one of our e-biking customers had to say about his purchase of 7eye AirShield glasses:

"Pleased to report that my glasses have proved a great success. It has been advantageous to bend the arms slightly to achieve a better fit. I have also found that enough air is admitted through the small vents to avoid steaming up."

Read more customer feedback here.

Woman wearing 7eye sunglasses

We send a free tracked return label with every first UK order for 7eye AirShield glasses, so there is every reason to try them to see how you get on with them.

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