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Our dry eye blog — Winter cycling goggles

Windproof goggles and glasses for e-bike users

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Nearly 40% of e-bike riders in the UK are aged 61 or over. Significantly this coincides exactly with the age group most likely to suffer from watery eyes when outdoors in the wind.

Windproof goggles for e-biking

At Eyewear Accessories, we talk regularly to e-bike users who experience watery eyes while outdoors, particularly in Autumn and Winter.

What e-bikers are telling us

There is a consistent theme in what e-bikers are telling us:

  • watery eyes affect them particularly while cycling due to the headwind
  • their eyes are not just watery but sore
  • watery eyes get worse the colder and...

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We've reduced the cost of 7eye AirShield glasses

7eye AirShield 7eye AirShield glasses 7eye AirShield UK best windproof cycling glasses Windproof glasses with clear lenses Winter cycling goggles

Eyewear Accessories is pleased to announce a price reduction on 7eye AirShield glasses applicable from now until 31 December 2020, or before if stocks run out.

Prices equivalent to those in 2015

The price reduction applies to the cost of 7eye glasses with SharpView Clear lenses, a popular choice in Autumn and Winter. 

Our prices for 7eye AirShield clear glasses and goggles are now equivalent to those charged in 2015, representing excellent value for this quality brand.

Do you live in the EU?

It's a very good time to buy from us if you are in the EU, before international tariffs...

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