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Don't let watering eyes stop you enjoying walks when it's cold and windy!

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Many people suffer with their eyes watering excessively when the wind blows. It is triggered in the Autumn when the wind starts cooling down.

Rather confusingly, this is a common symptom of dry eye syndrome.

eyes watering

If you experience this condition and it is affecting your enjoyment of being outdoors, whether for walking, cycling, sailing, golf or tennis, our glasses and sunglasses with protective gaskets can, in most cases, stop or significantly lessen the problem of excessive tearing.

Wearing my Ziena glasses has enabled me to continue enjoying walks on Dartmoor

I'm one of the directors at Eyewear Accessories (John). I wear my Ziena Kai whenever I'm walking on Dartmoor in windy conditions.

wearing ziena glasses to protect from the wind while walking on Dartmoor

My eyes feel completely insulated from the wind when I'm wearing these glasses. They enable me to continue walking in exposed locations even when it is windy - and really enjoying it!

In fact, without the protection that Ziena glasses provide, much of our fantastic local scenery in Devon - both the moors and the coast path - would be simply out of bounds for me.

Wearing Ziena Kai glasses at Dawlish in the wind

Which glasses provide the best wind protection?

We have two ranges of glasses that can provide excellent protection from wind, and also from dust and pollen.

They are regarded in reviews by dry eye sufferers and eye specialists as the best brands for dry eye relief and wind protection, based on their effectiveness and comfort.

Eyewear Accessories stocks a range of different styles and sizes to fit most adults and for children over 12. Our website guides you through the ranges to help you choose the most suitable glasses for your needs.

If you require further advice, we are happy to help. You can email or call us, whichever suits you best. Click here for our contact details.

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