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How to stop lenses fogging up when wearing a face mask with glasses

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Since wearing face masks became mandatory in public places, lens fogging has become an all too familiar problem for anyone who wears glasses.

My lenses fog up as soon as I put my mask on

spectacle lenses fogged up when wearing a face mask

A typical situation is when you've just put on your face mask before entering a supermarket and your lenses steam up so you can't see where you are going, let alone see to choose products from the shelves.

How to stop lenses fogging up

The accepted solution to lens fogging is to slide your glasses down you nose so that there is space for air to circulate behind the lenses. Effective, yes, but not without its issues.

I find that keeping my glasses pushed down my nose feels insecure. The glasses feel precarious and I am worried that they may fall off. And because the glasses are not gripping my nose properly when they are pushed down, my focus keeps on blurring as the glasses move about.

One effective answer is a simple accessory

A simple device, which you can buy from Eyewear Accessories for £7.99 including UK postage, is a set of silicone ear grips.

These enable you to wear your glasses resting further down your nose and keep them in the same position, worry free.

Simply slide the ear grips onto your spectacle arms, positioning them right at the tip of the ear rests as shown here.

Fit the ear grips at the end of your ear rests

The ear grips will act as a back stop retainer, preventing your glasses from slipping off your nose, and keeping them in exactly the same position all day.

You can adjust the position of the ear grips to suit you. If your glasses still mist up, move the ear grips closer to the ends of your ear rests to increase the air flow behind your spectacle lenses.

ear grips in place behind your ears

Once you've adjusted the position of the ear grips for optimum, fog-free vision, you're all set for the day. Your glasses will stay put in exactly the same place, so you're not constantly fiddling with them to get the right position.

You can leave the ear grips on your glasses even when you have finished wearing them for the day. When you want to wear your glasses in the normal position again, you just push them back up your nose and the ear grips won't get in the way.

This accessory is ideal for anyone who has to wear a face mask for lengthy periods at work, as well as any spectacle wearer seeking a convenient and workable answer to lens  fogging.

Perfect! My lenses are now crystal clear

fog free lenses

There! Job done. I can now enjoy fog-free lenses and wearing a face mask has become less inconvenient.

How to order your silicone ear grips

  • Click this link to order silicone ear grips from Eyewear Accessories.
  • We offer prompt, first class delivery each week day.
  • Orders are dispatched the same day if placed by 1:00 pm.
  • Full refund if not satisfied.

Other useful accessories for reducing lens misting

We also sell other accessories that can be used to help reduce the problem of glasses fogging up:

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