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A natural way to relieve dry eyes at night or when you wake up

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Do you wake up every morning with really dry, gritty eyes?

I do. I know how it makes you feel when your first sensation on waking is of having dry eyes. It lowers your mood as it forewarns of another day spent with uncomfortable vision.

If you have used our moisture chamber glasses to relieve dry eyes during your waking hours, you will know just how effective they can be.

Now we can offer you a product that is proven to help relieve dry eyes during rest and sleep and has received many positive reviews. Called Eyeseals 4.0, the goggles are also ideal for CPAP users with dry eyes because they shelter your eyes from drafts.

man wearing Eyeseals 4.0 night goggles for dry eye relief

Our new hydrating sleep goggles are called Eyeseals® 4.0 and are available with a choice of either Clear lenses or Blackout lenses, at £43.50.

Find out more about Eyeseals® 4.0 hydrating sleep goggles

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