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Silicone ear grips for glasses

Silicone ear grips for glasses


Silicone ear grips are a discreet accessory for spectacles, sunglasses, sports glasses and protective eyewear. They rest comfortably behind your ears keeping your eyewear comfortably and securely in place without slipping down your nose or falling off.

They are an inexpensive and easy to fit accessory that can make a big improvement in the way that your glasses fit. They are an alternative to wearing an adjustable eyewear retainer cord with a toggle that is worn around the head.

Who can benefit by using ear grips?

Ear grips (also called spectacle ear hooks, ear grippers, ear hooks, or silicone temple tips) offer benefits to many different users - for sports, medical applications, as well as everyday use.

Achieving a better seal to protect you from the elements

Ear grips are useful when worn with 7eye AirShield windproof / pollen and dust proof glasses because they enable you to achieve a better seal around your eyes to enhance the protection provided by the glasses. See our article "Silicone ear grips - a must have accessory".

Stop your glasses from being lost

Wearing silicone ear grips significantly reduces the possibility of you losing your spectacles because they have either fallen off or been knocked off.

As spectacles are so expensive it has become increasingly important to look after them carefully. And if you need to wear your glasses all the time, then having to do without them while you wait for replacements is inconvenient.

Anti-slip properties for spectacle wearers

They are also useful when wearing sports glasses because their anti slip properties keep the glasses exactly in the same position on your face - essential, for example when playing tennis or driving a car.

Enhancing safety

Silicone ear grips protect you from your glasses being knocked off and suddenly having to cope with impaired vision.

If, for example, you are on a bike ride and hit, for example, a branch that is overhanging the road, you won't get the glasses knocked off your face. Or if if you are sailing and get knocked by the boom, you won't lose your spectacles in the sea.

Useful for golfers

If you are playing golf, then when you are looking down at the ball preparing to take a shot, your glasses won't slip down or fall off if you have ear hooks fitted.

Stopping glasses from fogging up when wearing a face mask

By positioning the ear grips near the tip of your ear rests, you can keep your glasses in a fixed position, resting further down your nose than usual.

This enables air to circulate behind the lenses, stopping them from fogging up and ensuring that they do not fall off. See our article "How to stop lenses fogging up when wearing a face mask".

Key features

  • Soft hypoallergenic silicone for all day comfort
  • Washable yet durable
  • Anti-slip and adjusts to suit
  • Suitable for everyday spectacles and sunglasses
  • Designed to fit glasses/sunglasses in the 7eye AirShield range (we advise you to check with us first to ensure that it is compatible with your chosen model of glasses)
  • Suitable for wearing with other brands of sports glasses
  • Each pack consists of one pair of ear grips

How to attach the ear grips

  1. Push the tip of the arm of your glasses into the small hole on the ear grip.
  2. Slide the ear grip up the arm and adjust it to the perfect position behind your ear. It can help to use a rocking action to feed the ear grip along the arm
  3. If you find it difficult to fit the ear grip over the arm, apply a drop of liquid soap or washing up liquid on the end of the arm to lubricate it.

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