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Suffering from dry eyes in the office? Look at these new Ziena computer glasses

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Do you work in an air-conditioned office and spend a large part of your day in front of a computer screen? If so, the chances are that you will experience tired, dry eyes through the combination of the dry atmosphere and all that screen gazing.

The new Ziena computer glasses with their discreet silicone eye shields will help to insulate your eyes and reduce the evaporation of tears. They look stylish and are comfortable to wear.

This type of specialised eyewear is called moisture chamber glasses and is a proven, natural alternative to treating dry eyes with eye drops, recommended by the NHS. All our moisture chamber glasses can also be fitted with prescription lenses if required, whether single vision, bi-focal, or varifocal.  

Great for hay fever sufferers too! The protective gasket will keep out pollen and reduce the irritation to your eyes. Ziena glasses are available exclusively in the UK through Eyewear Accessories Ltd. Visit our website for more details on Ziena Eyewear.

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