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Fed up with relying on eye drops to relieve your dry, sore eyes?

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Dry eyes can make daily life a misery. Millions of people of all ages are suffering from it every day. In the office, at home, on public transport, in our cars, outdoors in the wind...To a dry eye sufferer, it seems that our eyes are bombarded all day with prolonged exposure to drying environments.

Are eye drops really the only answer for my dry eye problem?

So what can you do about it? Well, speak to your doctor or optician and they will almost certainly point you towards eye drops to lubricate your eyes. End of story?

No, not quite! Wearing moisture chamber glasses can be an effective home remedy and reduce your reliance on eye drops.

It's a simple concept, not rocket science. They are like normal glasses or sunglasses with the addition of a removable eye cup that insulates your eyes from drying elements like wind and heating, and reduces the evaporation of tear moisture.

The benefits of moisture chamber glasses are well known in the United States, where the Dry Eye Zone has an established community of enthusiastic users. In the UK and Europe, awareness of these glasses is growing, but ask about moisture chamber glasses at your local optician and they are likely to wonder what you are talking about.

Eyewear Accessories has been pioneering in the introduction of moisture chamber glasses in the UK. We have been supplying them to customers and ophthalmologists for nearly 10 years, and over this time, have received feedback from many people saying how much the glasses have transformed their lives. 

For many people moisture chamber glasses have been life-transforming

Here are just a few examples of the type of response we have had, which speaks for itself:

“Following diagnosis of Dry Eye Syndrome, I spoke to numerous Opticians trying unsuccessfully to find some glasses that would help my condition. Luckily on the internet I found Eyewear Accessories. John and his team offered me an excellent, professional and caring service. He supplied me with two pairs of glasses that have greatly improved my eyes.”

“My new 7eye glasses are fantastic. The East coast wind has been its usual brisk self and normally I would have blurred vision and sore eyes after the first hour. Day three and all is well.”

“I am delighted with the comfort and relief gained through wearing your dry eye syndrome glasses. Brilliant, magical, thank you!”

"Having suffered with Dry Eye syndrome for 4 years and tried all the usual drops, gels, etc without any prolonged relief I am delighted to endorse the 7eye glasses. The relief was instantaneous and at last I can experience the outdoors again without the usual watery misery. A fantastic product and an excellent personal service."

“Thanks for your excellent advice. The dry eye glasses are a perfect fit and have put the pleasure back into cycling. Tested yesterday in a strong headwind - super.”

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