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Suffering itchy, streaming eyes due to high birch pollen levels?

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Are you suffering from itchy eyes due to high birch pollen? If so, you are not alone. The dry, warm and sunny weather is leading to high birch pollen levels. Ash pollen is also high. Experts are predicting the worst spring season for allergies since records began in 1951 - that's 69 years ago.

birch tree pollen exceptionally high

If you are suffering from itchy, sore, watery eyes, the NHS recommends you to wear wraparound sunglasses. However, ordinary wraparound eyewear still allows pollen to penetrate around the rims, particularly on windy days.

Effective pollen blocking requires sunglasses with a gasket

To block pollen from entering your eyes and getting trapped around your eye sockets, you need special wraparound sunglasses with a gasket fitted around the rims. This seals the gaps around your eye sockets in order to comprehensively block pollen, while also bringing other benefits such as wind and dust blocking.

The leading brands of "hay fever glasses" are:

7eye AirShield sunglasses

Eyewear Accessories Ltd is the leading company in the UK to specialise in hay fever glasses.

Our products have been recommended in the Times Newspaper as one of the best ways to prepare for the hay fever season.

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