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Affordable hay fever protection you can use year after year

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If you suffer from itchy eyes because of hay fever, wearing our Body Specs hayfever sunglasses with their discreet protective gaskets can really help to reduce your symptoms.

At under £50 including first class delivery, the Body Specs range offers affordable protection for your eyes that you can use each year when pollen levels are high.

affordable hay fever protection

You can keep on benefiting from the versatility of Body Specs outside the hay fever season. They are stylish so they can be worn as wraparound sunglasses throughout the summer. Just unclip the protective gasket when you don't need the extra protection.

stylish wraparound sunglasses for hay fever

All models come with interchangeable lenses so you can wear them in sunny or grey conditions, and the protective gasket is helpful when you need protection from the wind or dust.

changeable lenses for hay fever glasses


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