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Introducing the Kai - the new smaller frame from Ziena Eyewear

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Eyewear Accessories are delighted to introduce the new Ziena Kai - the much anticipated smaller model of moisture chamber glasses from Ziena Eyewear.

The new contemporary unisex design makes the Kai look like normal spectacles

In appearance, the Kai is more streamlined than the Nereus. Ziena Eyewear have refined the design so that the frames are thinner and lighter and the appearance is less heavy looking.

The style is equally on trend in terms of mens' and womens' eyewear fashions.

Kai moisture chamber glasses look good on women

The Kai is a closer fit than either the Nereus or Verona. If you have bought 7eye AirShield glasses in the past, you will find the Kai similar in size to the Viento, Briza, Buran, and Churada.

The total width of the Kai frame is 130 mm, making it suitable for people who have small heads or long, narrow faces with slim foreheads.

Man wearing Kai spectacles

More user friendly features help you achieve the optimum fit

The Kai has the adjustable nose pad feature that was first introduced on the most recent versions of the Nereus and Verona, and also has bendable ear rests, a feature that was introduced first on the 7eye Ventus and Panhead.

As a result, the glasses feel lighter on the nose and ears than previous models of Ziena glasses.

"For the first time I have been able to really appreciate the benefits of Ziena glasses"

John, the co-owner of Eyewear Accessories, who himself suffers from dry eyes and hay fever, has commented:

"For the first time I have been able to really appreciate the benefits of Ziena glasses. I found that frames such as the Nereus were too wide for me to appreciate the full moisture chamber effect or to keep out the wind, dust, and pollen."

John wearing his Kai glasses on a hike in Dartmoor

"The Kai is a good all rounder, indoors and out doors"

John continues:

"I have already tested out the Kai in many different situations and find them amazing - they are such a good all rounder for indoor or outdoor use, and of course they look so much like normal specs, that I feel at ease wearing them when I am out shopping, or relaxing with friends."

Alison wearing her Kai glasses on a walk in Devon

"I would encourage anyone who suffers from dry eyes, itchy eyes due to hay fever, or eyes that are sensitive to the wind, to give them a try. The Ziena Kai also steps up to the mark as computer glasses - it keeps your eyes moisturised when you are viewing the screen for a continuous period."

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