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Enjoying the first cycle ride for years when my eyes have not been streaming

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My name is Peter and I am a keen hand cyclist. Unfortunately I suffer from streaming eyes when I cycle, which severely impacts on the safety of and enjoyment of my bike rides.

None of the bike glasses kept out wind coming up from below

Due to sitting in a reclining position on my bike, I get wind blowing up from the bottom of any eye protection I have tried.

Over the years I have tried a full face mask on my helmet (see photo below) and also Global Vision's Rider Plus padded sunglasses, but none of them stop my eyes watering.

wearing full  face mask for cycling

I asked for guidance from windproof specialists, Eyewear Accessories

I found Eyewear Accessories on the internet and saw that they specialised in windproof glasses and goggles. In particular, I thought their 7eye glasses would seem to be a solution and sought their guidance on which models of glasses might work best for me.

John, the director at Eyewear Accessories, gave me prompt, helpful advice which resulted in me trying 7eye Cape and Panhead glasses (both with clear lenses). My order arrived very promptly and I was soon able to test drive the glasses while out on my bike.

7eye Panhead windproof bike glasses

At last I had found a solution

I found that the 7eye Panhead worked perfectly in keeping the wind out from all directions, even from underneath, so I kept that and returned the Cape (for which I was promptly refunded).

7eye Panhead stops wind coming into the glasses from the bottom

When I wore the Panhead, it was the first time I have been out for a handcycle ride in years when my eyes have not been streaming! For good measure I gave them the ultimate test of coming down one hill where I reached 42 mph and there were no leaks!

Improved field of vision

On the left of my helmet as you look at the photo I sent, is a helmet mirror. This is so much easier to see now with the Panhead compared to the Global Vision's Rider Plus padded sunglasses I used to use. The field of vision is definitely much wider.

Because the Panhead glasses were such a success I have just bought a second pair with polarised grey lenses for use on sunny days.

Thank you Eyewear Accessories for making my bike rides enjoyable and safe again.


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