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Care and safety advice

  • Try out your protective glasses or goggles in a safe place before using them to drive, fly, play sport, or operate machinery, to ensure that they fit you comfortably and securely and that your vision is clear and unobscured.
  • Check that you are comfortable with the field of peripheral vision before you start wearing the goggles for activities such as cycling, skiing, driving, or motorcycling.
  • The glasses we sell are not designed to be safety eyewear and should not be considered a permanent shield against eye injury.
  • If in any doubt about the suitability of the glasses for a particular activity, always check first with the manufacturer.
  • Never attempt to look directly at the sun even when wearing the glasses/sunglasses.
  • Never wear the glasses with tinted lenses for driving at night or where you may encounter low light conditions such as indoors, a forested area, or when going through a tunnel.
  • Never attempt to put on or take off the glasses except where it is safe to do so.
  • Ensure that lenses are correctly and securely fixed in the frame before use.
  • Check glasses regularly for any signs of wear and replace the lenses, frames or frame parts if they are no longer safe to use.
  • If obtaining prescription lenses for these glasses, you may need to get shatterproof lenses if you intend to use the glasses for an activity where there is a risk of impact.