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Want to get out in the garden to get ready for spring but put off by the wind?

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The rise in temperatures this week and increased spells of warm sunshine are making many people think about getting out in the garden. What with tidying up after winter and making the garden shipshape for spring, there's lots for gardeners to do right now.

It would be very pleasant to be outside in the garden except for the wind.

Yes, that wind which has been such a feature of the last 6 months, is back in force today. You're okay if you're in a sheltered spot, but if your garden is exposed like ours is, the wind is enough to put you off gardening. Half an hour of having your eyes buffeted by the wind makes you feel tired, and it makes your eyes watery and sore.

Why not try wearing windproof glasses?

Our range of protective glasses, goggles, and sunglasses with windproof gaskets is highly effective at protecting your eyes from wind, dust, and pollen. 

It is comfortable to wear and the polycarbonate lenses protect you from debris and dust when you are doing jobs like hedge trimming and strimming.

Not only does it provide relief for dry eye sufferers, but also stops your eyes from itching and feeling sore when tree or grass pollen is high.

our sunglasses have a windproof gasket

Wearing these glasses can transform you from a fair weather gardener to one who is content to be out in the garden in all weathers.

strimming in the garden wearing our protective eyewear

Why not try a pair today? You get 14 days in which to test them out and you can return them if they don't do what you want them to.

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If you are intrigued about the potential benefits to you of our protective eyewear, read on...

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