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Five reasons why our flip up sunglasses are better for driving than prescription sunglasses

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Here are 5 good reasons why it pays to buy a pair of our flip up sunglasses for driving rather than buy prescription sunglasses.

1. Much less expensive option

Our flip up sunglasses are a fraction of the cost of polarised prescription sunglasses.

At only £19.99 plus postage, our flip up sunglasses have optical quality polarised lenses. You can buy several pairs and it is still cheaper than prescription sunglasses.

2. They work better

Many prescription sunglasses have light-reactive lenses. They do not darken when you are driving, because the windscreen blocks the UV light.

So many of our customers have light-reactive lenses in their glasses and want to wear clip on sunglasses on top of them when they are driving.

Standard prescription sunglasses are not polarised, and so they are far less effective than our flip up sunglasses for protecting you from glare while driving.

glare from road while driving

3. Safer

You can easily flip up our sunglasses if you suddenly enter a shaded section of the road, such as a tunnel, or travelling through a forest.

Flip the tinted lenses back down again when you emerge into a bright section of road to give you the protection you need from glare.

You cannot do this if you have prescription sunglasses with a fixed tint.

We sell flip up sunglasses in four different shades - grey, brown, copper, and yellow. The different colours are optimised for safer driving at different times of the year. Grey and Brown for summer, Copper for autumn and spring, Yellow for winter.

4. More convenient and portable

You can carry your flip up sunglasses more conveniently than a pair of prescription sunglasses. For example you can keep a pair permanently in the glove compartment so that you are never caught out, or even carry your flip ups in their case in the top pocket of your shirt.

5. Simpler to buy

You don't need your latest prescription, or to choose the frame style you want.

Simply visit our polarised flip up sunglasses collection and choose the model that is the shape and size that closest matches your glasses. Select the lens colour you want (you can get guidance by reading our page on clip on sunglasses for driving), and you're away.

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