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Spotlight on the 7eye Chubasco

7eye Chubasco dry eye glasses small fit small moisture chamber glasses smallest 7eye Airshield glasses stop eyes streaming outdoors stop eyes watering stop eyes watering in cold weather stop eyes watering in cold wind

The Chubasco is the smallest model of protective glasses in the 7eye AirShield range. If you are a petite adult, a teenager, or an adult with a narrow head shape, this is normally the best model to choose.

Chubasco tortoiseshell

This stylish, compact model of insulated glasses/sunglasses has a close-fitting wraparound frame with a well concealed AirShield eye cup fitted behind the rims. It is light and comfortable to wear, feels secure when you are wearing it so it won't easily fall off and, despite the protective AirShield layer around the rims, it gives more than adequate peripheral vision.

How the AirShield protects you

The soft padded AirShield eye cup rests gently on your face (not tightly) creating a soft seal around your eyes that keeps out wind, dust, and pollen.

It also protects you from bright sunlight, including peripheral glare - essential if your eyes are photosensitive. If you are, choose Extra Dark Grey lenses, or if you want to use the Chubasco for driving, choose Polarised Grey lenses instead.

Useful protection outdoors

Outdoors, the Chubasco protects your eyes from the elements.

It will block wind, dust, pollen and glare when you are outdoors, doing activities such as:

  • walking
  • cycling
  • e-biking
  • mountain biking
  • sailing
  • football
  • golf
  • bowls
  • tennis
  • horse riding
  • gardening
  • bird watching
  • model aircraft flying

In winter time and when there is a noticeable wind blowing, the Chubasco will stop or greatly reduce the problem of watering eyes.

    John wearing Chubasco gloss black with polarised grey lenses

    Dry eye relief indoors

    Many people wear their Chubasco indoors with clear lenses as moisture chamber glasses. These glasses retain tear moisture to provide effective dry eye relief when your eyes are dry, sore and tired. For example when you are using a computer or mobile screen.

    Wearing Chubasco as computer glasses to combat dry eyes

      Choose your Chubasco with either dark tortoiseshell or gloss black frames. Your lens choices include clear, polarised, light-reactive and extra dark grey (for photosensitive wearers).

      How big is the Chubasco?

      • Lens dimensions: 61 mm wide x 33 mm deep
      • Frame width: 126 mm
      • Nose bridge width: 14 mm

      Chubasco gloss black

      Can I fit prescription lenses?

      Because the frame of the Chubasco is curved, it can only accept low prescriptions. If you want to check whether your prescription can be accommodated, please email it to us.

      Order yours now

      Find out more product information about the Chubasco and order one:

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