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The cold wind is coming! Are you prepared?

The UK Met office and BBC weather are both warning of a polar airstream with winds coming directly from the Arctic over the next fortnight, lasting into mid-December.

It's time to equip yourself with effective protection to insulate your eyes from the icy blast, particularly if you suffer from dry eye syndrome or have sensitive eyes for another reason.

Even eyewear brands like Oakleys let in the wind

Even fashionable sports brands such as Oakleys and Rudy Project let in the wind around the rims.

wind enters your eyes from around the rims of the glasses

For truly effective wind protection you need a pair of close-fitting wraparound glasses with a windproof gasket (also called an eye cup) that seals the gaps around the rims.

7eye AirShield glasses offer windproof protection

7eye AirShield offer market leading wind protection

Eyewear Accessories recommends 7eye AirShield glasses for outdoor activities such as walking, biking, and golf. They are recognised as the best in the world for stopping eyes from watering in the wind.

7eye AirShield stops the wind from entering your eyes from around the rims

The AirShield eye cup rests comfortably around your eye sockets, keeping out wind, dust, and pollen, and keeping your eyes moisturised at the same time.

Lady wearing windproof sunglasses

If you haven't yet equipped yourself with these excellent glasses, you will find our handy 7eye range overview useful.

7eye AirShield showing close up of eye cup

If you have 7eye glasses already, it's time to check whether the eye cup needs renewing to ensure the best wind protection through the colder months.

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