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Don't let streaming eyes ruin your winter walks!

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In December, we often get some glorious sunny days when it's great to get out for a winter walk.

Last Sunday (5 December) was a case in point and we chose to go for a hike on Dartmoor. The visibility was terrific and as a result, the Moor offered wonderful panoramas of bracken and heather, tors, and a picturesque network of small pasture fields.

Glorious view of Dartmoor

Do your eyes weep so much that you can't see the view?

So much beauty to take in but not if your eyes are streaming so badly in the cold wind that you have to keep stopping to wipe them, or else put up with blurry vision.

John wiping his streaming eyes

Wearing well-fitting protective glasses stops eyes from streaming instantly

Fortunately there is a simple, yet effective solution to watery eyes when outdoors in the wind and that is to wear suitable protective glasses or goggles with a windproof gasket. The exception to this is if you have blocked tear ducts, which don't allow your tears to drain away properly.

Ziena Eyewear, my windproof brand of choice

My own preference in windproof eyewear is for Ziena glasses, which have a translucent silicone eye cup that blocks the wind effectively and enables me to see the views clearly without any blur.

John wearing his Ziena Kai glasses on a walk around Dartmoor

In the above photo I am wearing the Ziena Kai with light-reactive lenses, which I find works very well to protect my eyes without looking too goggle-like.

Below you can see how the silicone eye cup rests on the skin around your eyes, protecting them from the wind.

Ziena glasses with its silicone shield that keeps out the wind

Try out Ziena glasses for yourself!

You can try these glasses yourself by searching in Google for Ziena glasses, or using a phrase such as wind protection glasses.

You'll find Eyewear Accessories Ltd, the company that I run with my wife, Alison. We are the main supplier and distributor for the world's leading brands of wind protection eyewear:

There is a lot of useful information and guidance on the site that can help you choose the best glasses for your requirements. If you need further assistance, we are pleased to help. See our contact details.

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