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Love golf but hate the wind buffeting around your eyes?

7eye Cape golf open golf sunglasses to stop the wind Open Golf at St Andrews windproof golf eyewear

One of the biggest issues for players at the Open Golf at St Andrews this year has been battling the strong and gusty wind has been. It's also been uncomfortable for fans attending the tournament. 

Because many golf courses are in open, exposed locations, windy conditions are a problem for golfers at many courses throughout the year.

For many golfers, it is the wind constantly buffeting around their eyes that is one of the biggest irritations. In cold weather it can lead to eyes watering so much you cannot see the ball clearly when looking down to take a stroke. In warmer, gusty weather, a day on the course leads to tired, dry eyes.

Why 7eye AirShield is the perfect eyewear for golfers

7eye AirShield sunglasses are the eyewear of choice for an increasing number of golfers. The well concealed AirShield eye cup protects the eyes and the sensitive area around the eye sockets from wind, dust, and pollen. The eye cup is easy to remove when you don't need the extra protection.

The most popular choice with golfers is the 7eye Cape with SharpView polarised copper lenses.

These glasses are well shaped to fit comfortably around the eye sockets, providing effective protection from wind blast from all directions, while maintaing good peripheral visibility. The Polarised Copper lens is ideal for golf because it enhances contrast and definition.

"These are a game changer for me"

One of our customers sent us this comment straight after using his new 7eye Cape sunglasses for golf:

“I've tried using my Oakleys before to prevent the wind affecting my eyes, but they didn't work. The 7eye glasses worked a treat. Very comfortable to wear and enabled clear vision. The day started out bright then ended up overcast so I really got to test them out today. I played one of my best rounds of recent weeks too. Thank you very much, these are a game changer for me.”


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