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Ziena Kai moisture chamber glasses have changed my life

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We have been delighted with the positive comments that keep on coming from people who have bought Ziena Kai moisture chamber glasses.

Ziena Kai glasses

Wearing these glasses has been literally life changing for many dry eye sufferers and we thought we would share with you some of the recent heartfelt emails that we have received.

Sent in by Sally

"I want to thank you so much for taking the time recently to discuss my problem and advise me on which glasses would be best for me.

I have to tell you that the Ziena Kai moisture chamber glasses have changed my life. The fit is perfect, they are easy to wear and my eyes are so much more comfortable now whereas before the discomfort was becoming almost unbearable."

Sent in by Jan

"I am very pleased with my Ziena Kai glasses and wear them a lot. I have found them so good that I have bought 3 of them to use in different circumstances, one of which has been fitted with prescription lenses by my optician.

I’m an outdoors person and like gardening and walking but I do suffer from extremely dry eyes. I used to find it difficult to get out, especially when it was windy, because my eyes felt so sore. I also found that dusty conditions or high pollen count caused my eyes to become easily irritated.

Ziena Kai tortoiseshell

Now I can enjoy these activities again because the Kai glasses give me the protection I need."

I’ve also started wearing my Kai indoors this month because it really helps to slow down the rate at which my eyes dry out when the central heating is on.

Thanks again for providing such a good and versatile product, which has certainly improved my quality of life."

Sent in by Jennifer

"I just wanted to email to say how delighted I am with my Ziena Kai glasses. The fit is superb and protects my dry eyes from the wind.

The glasses stop my eyes drying out when indoors from the central heating.

Wearing the glasses had an immediate impact on reducing my reliance on eye drops, which I now use less frequently.

The service was impeccable, with prompt delivery and refund for the glasses that were returned.

Thanks also to John for the helpful and invaluable advice on finding the right pair of glasses to suit my needs."

Sent in by Helen

"Dealing with Eyewear Accessories and specifically John has been a delight. The service has been excellent and quick. John showed a lot of patience answering my many questions and also helping me confirm which glasses to try and which to buy.

The Ziena Kai have been chosen because of my small face. They’ve given me a lot of relief from eye discomfort and significantly reduced my need for drops. Indeed, drops were not being terribly effective and the glasses are more so. I’m glad I found this company and product.

Walking is a big part of my life, particularly on Dartmoor and the South West Coast Path, but I suffer from extremely sensitive eyes and have found it increasingly difficult to enjoy being out in even slightly windy conditions.

I have recently purchased a pair of the Ziena Kai glasses and it not an exaggeration to say they have transformed the experience. My eyes no longer stream uncontrollably and the silicone eye cups are soft and comfortable as well as looking discreet. I am delighted with them."

Footnote by John at Eyewear Accessories

"Thank you to all the people who take time to email us describing their experience with moisture chamber glasses.

John wearing his Ziena Kai

I too wear the Ziena Kai for my dry eye condition. Like Helen, I enjoy walks on Dartmoor where it is often very windy. I would encourage other dry eye sufferers to try them. You too could find them life changing."

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