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Choosing sunglasses for wind protection

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Eyewear Accessories Ltd sells wraparound sunglasses and goggles that are designed to maximise protection for your eyes from the wind.

The key feature that differentiates them from normal wraparound sunglasses is the gasket / eye cup that closes off the air gap around your eye sockets.

We specialise in two of the leading brands of eyewear with gaskets for wind protection - 7eye AirShield and Ziena Eyewear.

7eye AirShield sunglasses

7eye Panhead

7eye AirShield glasses are best described as a hybrid between sunglasses and goggles, with a thick, removable gasket.


Ziena Eyewear

Ziena glasses have an opaque silicone eye cup which is less visible than the AirShield. They are styled more like spectacles whereas the 7eye AirShield are like wraparound sunglasses.

Ziena Kai

The silicone eye shield rests comfortably around your eye sockets and temples, providing protection from the wind, dust, and pollen.


Ziena glasses showing the opaque silicone eye shield

If you are using the glasses for a high speed sport such as skiing, motorcycling, snowboarding, kite surfing, or sailing then 7eye AirShield glasses would be the better choice.

How to find out which glasses fit you best

The key to effective wind protection from our glasses is to find a model that fits you really well. This means that the protective eye cup fits comfortably around your eye sockets and temples, without gapping.

We recommend that you order two different models of glasses because that maximises the likelihood of you finding one that is the ideal fit for you, and therefore gives the most effective result. You can then use our free returns offer to return the one that you don't want.

Need help choosing which glasses would be best for you?

We are happy to give you guidance on the choice of glasses, either by email or by phone. See our contact page for details of how to get in touch.

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